Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shout out, 2010 Style

8mm Ideas Cards have a bunch of new homes that I've got to give a big shout-out to;  some great shops that are up and down the coast and beyond.

For you San Franciscans and Bay Area card seekers, we've got the following:
Russian Hill Bookstore
The Booksmith
Maison d'Etre (who's doing 8mm's whole button thing!)
Urban Indigo
and Bookshop Santa Cruz

and then, if you're traveling north, or an Oregon or Washington native, you're in luck, too:
Powell's Books for Home & Garden in Portland
Presents of Mind
Zimzim Department Store
and Elliot Bay Book Company

Don't worry, Canada, I haven't left you behind:  Peter Laywine of Laywine's in Toronto is rocking the 8mm wares, as well.   

My Reps are making their way to new shops all the time, supplying the goods that are needed.
But then there's the shop that seeks out something different, something not everyone has and isn't over-played... I'm never quite sure how they find me, but I'm always so glad they do.  The two most recent such adventure seekers are:
Inkwood Books in Tampa, FL
and Taylor Books in Charleston, WV.

The coolest thing is that so many of the shops carrying the line these days are fiercely independent bookshops.  They're into the full bookstore experience, tons of titles, hard-to-find magazines, the first amendment, and maybe even a coffee while you browse.

It was Taylor Books that also brought me my brand new Virginia Territory Rep, who I envision a long and interesting working relationship with.  And as more stores pop up in the Virginia area that are carrying 8mm ideas cards, buttons and posters....well, you can bet I'll be doing another 'shout out' independent-bookstore style!

{top & bottom images 8mm ideas:  store front image Taylor Books}


Christina said...

Nice! You are not kidding awound!

lotta said...

congrats. I am so glad your art is making it around the world. sorry I have been so absent here. I am sure I have missed ton's of stuff. Need to catch up...