Sunday, September 27, 2009

DNA can hurt

We play a lot of tag at school and the kids really go for it. Flying through the air, O. took a fall on the gravel yard. He wasn't hurt bad, but he brought the tears for effect, and I felt for him. We all need a little attention when our hands hit gravel. It stings like crazy. So, the two of us walked to the refrigerator together to get an ice pack. It takes a little time to get it all together, the ice pack, the towel, and I like to keep them talking so they can't cry and talk at the same time.

Me: So, which part hurts, O?

O: This part (pointing to the tips of his fingers), this part hurts the most.

Me: So, it's your fingertips that hurt, rather than the palm of your hands?

O: No, no, this part, this part (again, pointing to the tips of his fingers)

Me: Yeah, I get it, that's called your fingertip or the tips of your fingers. That's the part that hurts, right?

O: No, Miss Molly, this part...the part that has the little lines that tell you who you are?!

Me: You mean your fingerprints?

O: Yeah, (crying now) my fingerprints really hurt.


Maggie May said...


Shepherdess Kat said...

How sweet, I must have my daughter read as she is a first grade school teacher who would appreciate this story.

omchelsea said...

That's ridiculously cute :)

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

oh, that is so sweet! What a little friend. This story makes me realize why my daughter loves her trips to the nurse...we all do need a little attention when we hurt our fingerprints!

paige said...

My fingerprints hurt, gosh that's cute. New card?

kaari Meng said...

keep writing!!!!

Anonymous said...

that was worth the wait

Kerri Lynne said...

This is exactly why I'm in school to become a teacher!!