Saturday, July 11, 2009

welcome, to bellas artes de mexico

hola, bellas artes!
what i wouldn't give to spend a year learning with your very hallowed halls...

Bellas Artes
: San Miguel's premier school for the arts offers classes in photography, sculpture, music, dance and painting.

Every classroom we looked into held another treasure. I wanted IN so badly!

Located in an old convent, the patio feels sacred and the classrooms downright holy. They were locked when we walked around, though there were a few artists inside, here and there, perfecting their craft.

Each room solidly dedicated to the one thing it proclaimed. None of this mixing and matching of instruments or art supplies. One thing at a time, it seemed to say. Do it right and do it well. A very good philosophy, I must say.

Strange but true,
and who are we to say?


spudballoo said...

Oh it was all so beautiful until, eeeeek, the penguin. What?!!!! But what a wonderful place, I want in too...

Elizabeth said...

Love that photo of the Salon de Musica!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

did you know that my dream is to go there to study? seriously molly, get out of mah mahnd!
(photos are beautiful!)