Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hang Ten

It's a boiling hot night and all I want to do is throw all the covers off my body and let the air breeze over me.
Except my feet. I cannot, for the life of me, leave my feet out.
I have a

It doesn't matter how steaming hot it is, my vulnerable little toes will get covered up. Otherwise, I lay there, imagining a monster peeking through the door, licking his lips, drool cascading to the ground, just waiting to leap for those exposed feet: A perfect hold point for a monster.

Mexico, boiling hot...and, for just a moment, in all this heat, I forget! I leave my ten little toes hanging over the edge of the bed. I feel a cool breeze between my toes and a...
What's That?!
Was that hot breath I felt?!
A Slither I heard?!

For under-the-bed monsters, there's no need to even see the object of their desire. They just get close enough to the edge, right underneath your mattress, throw a hairy arm straight up and BOOM! they've got you by the ankle now and will proceed to drag you to the depths of hell! (or, wherever it is monsters go...)

Finally, there are closet-monsters that peer out at their good luck from just behind the doors. I always make sure closets are closed all the way, for if even a crack is left open, they can see the glint of my tiny toenails. It's like a little pin light that leads their way.

So, my time in Mexico, with beautifully hot nights, the breeze blows in our open window, the bedroom door ajar for cross-current, the closet doors securely shut and me, in my itty-bitty nightie with as much skin exposed to the air as possible and my feet tightly wrapped in the blanket (feeling like i've put my soles to a hot iron), I'm safe, ever so safe, from what lurks.


The Secret Beauty Blogger said...

Haha, I am EXACTLY the same with this and have no idea why I do it, the rest of my body is fine to be exposed, but NEVER the feet!! Glad to find a fellow oddball xxx

Molly said...

I'm ok with the exposed feet, but never, ever go to sleep with the cupboard doors open. Never.
Nice to hear from you, hope you're having an amazing trip!

spudballoo said...

Yes I feel quite like this too, not just feet though, whole body...even if it's just a sheet, it feels 'wrong' to just lie there without something to cling on to!

comfies said...

i'm with spudballoo, i have to have everything covered. and preferably everything is covered by fluffy blankets like a cloud. xo.

Chris "Lucky Luke" Allin said...

Even some guys experience this apparently. I cannot, ever, have my feet out. The witch is a crafty lady and she knows when feet hang out, outside of the protection of the quilt. She can sense it and will strike at the earliest oppurtunity. She waits outside the window, so the curtains must be closed or I might see her stalking around.
Thank you, now I feel less alone in my irrational fear.

Molly de Vries said...

So I used to have that fear,until 9/11.It went away after that. I realized scary things weren't in my bed room. Some how I was relieved. Weird how that works?

Karafina said...

Omg im soooo like this too!! actually i even wear socks to bed!!! eventually they come off during the middle of sleep, but never ever are my feet exposed! how funny, huh.. my bf thinks its sooo weird....glad im not alone!