Sunday, December 9, 2007

a warm, fuzzy sunday

A friend sent me this email filled with these photos. Normally, I'd hit delete faster than you can say 'puppy'. I'm not usually a big sucker for photos like this. But something about these ones, did it to me. In fact, RK said he thought the frog/snail one was a fake and I got all defensive: "no way! look at the little slime trail! that frog is totally real, i can see his little sweat glands! it's so totally real!" I'm just too taken with the ridiculous level of cute in these things, I can't even remotely get jaded and think any of them were posed or set up or fake in any way...and if you know something I don't, just let me have this sappy moment. Try to get into it.


comfies said...

all real.
i'm serious.

Oliver said...

Gotta love a slug hat! How jaunty!