Wednesday, December 19, 2007

All Things Considered

He's a purveyor of everyday life. And, since I get a pretty humongous kick out of everyday life, I think I have to declare it one of the best blogs out there, in this everyday life. His name is Jon Rolston and his blog started years ago. I'm very lucky to be able to say, in real life, he's as great as his website. I don't think he actually refers to it as a "blog". That word is so au currant and he's waaaay ahead of au currant. Or, maybe he's behind it, by choice. Either way, it's worth a daily check in, as he sometimes posts more than once a day. One of the many intriguing posts is actually a series that Jon will dole out slowly to us, bit by bit. Probably the only way you could take it all in, anyway, so I appreciate that he makes that decision for us ahead of time. It's a letter, or letters, written to Jon from an old high school pal/friend/acquaintance who's doing time in prison. Mixed in amongst the other brilliant bits of random photos and sparse details of Jon's life as a PA, it's like icing on an already fantastic log cake. He has a great eye, and lucky for us, he carries a camera.

This is another favorite. His empathy for others is heartwarming.

And, finally, that's his truck up there, which features quite a bit in his posts. As does his ever changing facial hair.

That's all I can really say, without posting his entire website here. I think you've seen enough to know if you'll find magic here or not. I know I have.

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Christina said...

first off, swoon! and second, "fantastic log cake"- that's a pretty amazing little piece of a sentence there.