Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Lovemakers Unite!

Today's the big day of the Lovemakers Craft Fair! We're all very excited 'cuz, though we'll be working, it's sort of like playing hooky together too. T, D, and I had a craft night on Friday in anticipation of this big day. Word has it, it's supposed to rain, but no matter: we're stocking up on provisions, we've got our home-made goods in hand and we'll be amongst the beautiful redwoods of Mill Valley. I think we'll be just fine!

Here's some of the one-of-a-kind state cards I made for the fair.

I'm really digging on the reaction most people had when they found out a state's motto. There were so many beautiful ones and some funny ones and inevitably, someone would come across one that would just make them shake their head and smile. That was cool to watch. It was a bit of work to type on the bottom of the piece with my groovy old typewriter (rk's), but they remind me a bit of like old primer cards somehow: how to learn your states.

I really love how they turned out. I wanted each one to be framed, but time got away from me, as I've also been spending lots of time in the studio making all new pieces for the upcoming group show at Reaves Gallery. I'm really happy with what's come out of the latest studio time. And I'm so looking forward to being in a show alongside mike mcconnel, matt frederick, and blair bradshaw! Lucky me!

In the meantime, Ambatalia here we come!*

*Well, in the meantime, "today" came and went...like all the days before it, of course, but here I go a 'postin: We had a great day, tons of fun, amazing cheese cake, Molly of Ambatalia was in great form all day on into the night, and christina, danica, katie and I hung out, met a bunch of new people,sold stuff, and were thrilled when friends and family alike showed up to hang out and enjoy the party. D, in particular blew up today, introducing these dudes to the world at present, and I feel so dang proud of her!


comfies said...

right back at ya moll, and thank you so much...

p.s. see you saturday!

love forever said...

these are so so cool! are you going to sell them on etsy or somewhere online?