Saturday, July 21, 2007

if you want to sing out, sing out

I looooooooove these long-light-days of summer. It really makes it feel like summer; when the sky is clear and the sun streams down on us and the sky stays light until almost 9pm. In San Francisco, we're kinda known for having a winter-like summer time. But, if these long light days keep up, I'm sold on it, either way.
GADS! It's SO freaking beautiful!


Mama Molly said...

Girl, we have to meet some day. I connect to alot of your posts. You have a beautiful way of seeing life. all the best, Molly

comfies said...

is this the veiw from your window?????
holy mother. and i agree with mama molly. you have a beautiful way of seeing things.


Ellen said...

Wow oh wow what a beautiful sky! I want to come visit you again. You know, I feel a little summer-happy myself these days.