Friday, July 6, 2007

Summer In San Francisco

No, that's not snow, it's fog.

And, no, that's not an alien spaceship, rising from out of the steam, it's Sutro Tower.

And, yes, this fog bank actually envelopes large parts of the city, so you can't see your hand a foot in front of you and you need to be wearing a hat and a scarf.

But, no, I don't live in one of those parts of the city, so my hands, held a foot in front of me to take this photo, were sweating in the incredible heat coming down, and I was wearing a skirt and tshirt.

Just one more reason why I love this city.


Christina said...

this picture makes my heart swoon with love for this pretty pretty city!

moc4 said...

i love it molly! i was just watching that fog bank rolling down the hill the other night around sunset. one of my favorite things to watch.