Sunday, March 18, 2007

those who inspire

I have arrived. I'm leaping in. I'm jumping out. I'm overwhelmed with the amount of thoughts that are going thru my head right now. I sat around with my friend T tonight and it was an overflow of NOUNS: people, places, things. I got to do the same thing last night with RK, A, and C. It was fairly never ending (though induced by libations this evening and last, those good-time addictions need not always apply for this type of particular friendship to give over to a dose of your daily awesome. ) You know, someone(s) who you start a topic with and then it slides over to another topic, while that topic lights fire to a totally new topic, and then you roll down the lane to another topic completely off the topic and before you know it, it leaps to another topic, which makes you go running for that fantastic old book you once found, or that weird postcard you picked up off the street and here, your friend, is talking about the same thing...but they found it when they were in college in Boston. And you just found out about it this last week in San Francisco. Or maybe it's the other way around. It's about the discovery. And the turn on of ideas. Two worlds coliding. And isn't it great when you find more than two worlds to collide with? I'd like to dedicate this very first post to those who inspire me... those great minds that think alike, but have opinions and ideas and a curiousity about the world around them, and they know how to agree to disagree... those friends that always bring out a new idea or spark up an old one.

*the above photo comes from the website Mulligan/Klopotaski Productions check it out. my friend, m, told me about them and i just love their website. need to see them perform.


Christina said...

spark it up my friend! and welcome. so nice to have you here.

molly said...

actually feeling quite good to be here, my friend. thank you!