Monday, March 26, 2007

Late Bloomer, Great Lover

I'm really pretty late to the blogging game, as it turns out. I owe all thanks to even getting this off the ground to my friend, Christina, who has her own fabulous blog that I read everyday. She's also the one that has shown me the ways of loving on other blogs. She posts about other blogs (on her own blog and on SFist), she highlights their crafts and gives out mad props to some really great artists. At this point, I think I can call my own obsession with blogs an "addiction." I'm still a voyeur at this stage: I appreciate the relationships these bloggers and crafters and seekers and finders have with one another, but it's all from a distance. Other than on Christina's site, I've never posted a comment to anyone. Though I am forever holding myself back from doing so.

So, it is here, in this post, that I would like to recognize these other blogs (I'm going to have to stop short at some point, because I don't want to overwhelm, but I'll give out a running start...)these men and women who have the same 24 hours a day that I have, but they seem to be able to squeeze a whole lot in there (so impressive!) and the great moments they bring to my day:

Nancy Boy :This is a brutally honest, hysterically funny blog by a guy I've never met but feel like I know intimately. He owns the shop, Nancy Boy, here in San Francisco and I came across his blog by way of their monthly emails. I already loved his product, but now I love his blog, too. Get into it.

Posie Gets Cozy :What a gorgeous, sumptuous site. She takes great photos of her crafts and life around her. And she makes me wish my neices were closer so we, too, could make auntie squares or knit scarves...

Keri Smith : She's fairly well known in the world of books, and inspiration, and now blogs. But her stuff is so uplifting and positive and, well, I can always use a little affirmation, motivation, and grand ideas from a stranger.

Abby Tries Again : Now, I'm not sure how Abby would feel about this, but my sister sent me this blog because she thought it was ME blogging. Either that, or she'd found my doppleganger and wanted to let me know about it. I look back at it now (and I've read the whole blog from the begining) and am not sure which month it was that made her discover this, maybe It was this entry ? Something about the old photos... I collect and use old photos in most all my work. Whatever it was, it felt like a compliment. I love reading about Abby's life and I wish I was as prolific as her in my work!

and just a couple more to whet your appetite:

David Byrne : Start anywhere in his journal, you'll always be informed of something you didn't know about before. He's just plain genius!

Food Migration : Food blogs. They're amazing, whether you like to cook or not. Food, photographed and talked about in a massive way. If you get going on food blogs, you'll wanna know about this one for sure, Food Porn. Love it or leave it.

*Painting above by one of my favorite artists Erik Otto and this past month, I was lucky enough to coincidentally move into the studio next door to his. Weird, but true. And, I swear, I'm not even stalking him. Just collecting his artwork.

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