Thursday, March 22, 2007

69 Degrees

Today, our good friend comes in from NYC. Brooklyn, actually. I make the distinction because he is the epitome of Brooklyn cool. He lives in a fabulous apartment with celings higher than anything I've seen in SF and outside his windows are lots and lots of beautiful trees lined up in rows down the block. It's an easy walk over the Brooklyn Bridge to get to his place. Every moment spent at his apartment is a good one and we always like to return the favor when he comes to town. So, I'm off to do a million errands before I pick him up at the airport and then it'll probably be a day spent at Tartine and the park (did you know it's supposed to be 69 degrees today??!!) until RK gets home and then I like to sit back and watch these two best friends crack each other up til they're makes a good day even better.

(the above film is just one of his many works on youtube --he's in CA this weekend for a film festival in LA, where they will be screening his latest full-length feature film, Butts Out, a must see documentary for anyone that's enjoyed inhaling and struggled with it ever since.)

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Christina said...

love that short film up there!