Thursday, August 9, 2012

Opportunity Lands!

Have you SEEN this?!

If you haven't, I totally understand... you were out of the loop for a few days, no one told you we were going to space, you were super busy with all the things you have to do here, on earth.  I get it.  I, too, can get overwhelmed by all that's happening in my immediate surroundings, let alone the world, let alone what's going on in space!

But, now that you know.. aren't you excited?!

For me, all it took was one look at this photo.  To be in that room.  To feel that excitement! 

But now, really take in. Read slowly.
And realize: What it took to make {this} little Opportunity get to it's destination. What it took to make {the} Opportunity land. What it means for {the} Opportunity to have a "rock-vaporizing laser" oh yeah, and "other instruments", too, of course. It lays out a reasonable calender of time for {the} Opportunity to do what it needs to do. First {the} Opportunity makes a move in Mid-September ("at the earliest"), and the next dramatic move would go down in October or November. {The} Opportunity knows.

Okay, so I'm not going to become a person of space (is that what someone who works at NASA is called?), it's true.  But, I am going to very carefully understand what is happening here.  I'm going to apply it to my own current fluctuating, roiling, "careful and methodical" choices, fate, time and space and friggin go for it.

What's your opportunity?

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