Monday, June 11, 2012


We celebrated our dear friend, and fellow hostess on the Chateau Getaway, Cathy's birthday today in France. I made her three pieces:  The triptych of life. They were so fun to make, I want to do more when I get back.  Maybe start doing one of a kind pieces again and putting them out into the world.  I'd like to create and follow through on some real tactile goals this coming year.  Making small pieces of art work for others seems as good a goal as any. 

ThereYouAre by mollshot
ThereYouAre, a photo by mollshot on Flickr.
LifesShort by mollshot
LifesShort, a photo by mollshot on Flickr.

allAboard by mollshot
allAboard, a photo by mollshot on Flickr.


Rose Brier Studio said...

What a beautiful gift! I love your artwork. Sometimes it's easier to make art for others than for oneself!

Please give Cathy a big birthday hug for me!

Anonymous said...

Ummmm - my birthday is in October - more woofs less barks - BB