Friday, June 15, 2012

Outakes From An International Shoot

Though we are here in France for one job, we still need to keep doing the others that keep us in business back home.  Mine is to get some shots together for our new greeting card line, "Greetings 101".  I designed this juicy, super-stripy collection based on the color ways of vintage travel posters and suitcase labels I've collected over the years.

I thought I'd use my niece as a model, as well as the old French chateau we're currently staying in.  It seemed appropriate, as she's half Spanish, and so are the cards!

She's been a real sport about the whole thing (because she's fantastic that way).

These are just some of the shots we probably won't use, among the 40 or so others that we shot.

All cards, in both French and Spanish, are available on our website at 8mm ideas.

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