Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tall Tales

When one has an epic summer of epic travel....one usually ends up with epic tales of highs and lows, of wonderment and the unknown, of magic and sunburns. 
And I do. 
I have all of those. 
I've had an epic summer of epic travel.  The trouble is, I've done had it all... and now I don't know where to begin to try and sort out the stories, the tales, the shaggy dog notes,
to put it all right, from top to bottom, and to share the wealth.

Slowly, I guess.  It'll all come together slowly. 
And probably well out of order.


Ellen Zachos said...

Wondering where you've been. And who is that gorgeous dog?

Christina said...

Can't wait to hear them all!

Young Simon said...

I can just hear you saying, "what if I just....touch it....with....one finger? just one? just....right....here let's say?"