Thursday, August 11, 2011

It Could Happen Anywhere

There has been a change in national temperament that has affected decent citizens as well as criminals. The country’s mood has turned sour. Indeed, the flip side of Britons’ famed politeness is the sort of hooliganism that appears at soccer matches and in town centers on weekend nights — an unfocused hostility that is usually fueled by vast quantities of alcohol. Fears of anarchic urban mobs date from Shakespeare’s time, and Prime Minister David Cameron has summoned these old fears, describing the present conflagration as “senseless.”

Everyday, I hear more and more talk of how it's all just falling apart.  We see it in the world of consumerism, wholesale and retail, the economy is taking a dive; or a slow, exceptionally deep, dive it seems with each shrinking sale.  We see it with friends who get laid off on a monthly basis.  We see it in the park, as more and more homeless come to sleep there with tents, dogs, cots and a weeks worth of food that they leave strewn behind.  And it's this last kind of 'falling apart' or falling down on our life's expectations that really wears.  The disregard for others, for life itself, is terribly heartbreaking.  With nary the ability to stop it, or to make a wide-spread difference, it seems we are forced to watch society as a whole come to a place where it's every man for himself.  David Cameron has it right:  It is senseless.  But where can you engage your senses when all around you is nonsensical malarkey?   Unless you're lucky enough to be surrounded by a family and friends that encourage the positive treatment of others, or the defense of the natural world, or the idea that 'less is more'... where are you left to learn it?  Reality shows, Wall Street, and the daily news don't leave you with much to go on.  One would have to really want to see/have/ be in a better world and then pass that on to others in order to find sense of it all once again.

Do Lectures Trailer from The Do Lectures on Vimeo. (thanks to T for posting)


Mogull said...

i love you

Nilda Cook said...

Molly,Thanks for the posting. It just opened my heart up! I am certainly feeling the 'falling apart' on a personal level. Came home to discover my surgery needs to be done again, my youngest son is binge drinking, my oldest is struggling with an internet business... but thru it all we have FAITH! Faith in one another/ community and God.
Thanks also for the link to the Do Lectures! I am working my way through them all. Perfect way to start my retirement and make a difference!
YOU make a difference!

lotta said...

thank you Molly. with so many people wanting good things why can't we change the way things are or where we are heading? I feel the same sadness and dread. lets do, and do it together.