Thursday, July 8, 2010

Shop Shop Shop

Gads, I'm getting excited about flea marketing in France!  It's really a super highlight of the trip.  Sure, I can flea market lots and lots in the states, but it's the weird little things you find in another country that make it so interesting.  And then shopping with my mom and sister make it all the more fun.

These books were some goodies I got one day walking to the studio.  I think I paid a dollar or two for all three of them.  I never know exactly what I'm going to do with any of these things, but a collector is a collector no matter what.  That would be me.

I bought Smoldering Flames for the cover alone.  It wasn't until I got to my studio and started flipping through it that I felt like I'd found a written goldmine, as well.

This one, a winner, as well.  I love old pottery markings and often try to sneak a peek at the bottom of a piece at a garage sale or flea mkt, all the while pretending I have no idea what I'm looking for.  Well, no more pretending for me!
And, I think I see my new tattoo in here...

FactOnly twenty years ago, shorthand classes were seen in nearly every high school in the country. Now, the overwhelming majority of high school students today has never seen nor heard of Gregg Shorthand.  

I'm not sure that an Anniversary Edition makes this book any more interesting.  Shorthand, in general, I find fascinating.  It's such a dying art and It's been around since mid-4th century BC.  It's an entirely different language and seems much more difficult than even Latin (i know, because i tried, i swear i tried!)

Check out the written shorthand word for totally. And the word for socially could even be my new signature:  It's just a 'y' and really, for as social as I am, I probably only have time to write the 'y' from my name 'molly'.  It just makes sense.

Maybe this shorthand thing isn't as tough as I thought!

I like that the book I got has a students' handwriting all over it. 
You'd have to take some serious copious notes in this class.

There you have it:  books.
As Nan Livingstone might say, something exciting is always happening in my young life!


Anonymous said...

One page and I'm hooked on 'Smoldering Flames'! I'm so curious what year is the copyright? It could be written today by one writing a diary or blog.. What a find! What a cover!
Have a blast in france.. Happy hunting! OX Hol
PS. I'm STILL moving furniture and things from old 'hunts'!!!!

Sylvie said...

My absolute favorite flea in France is the one at Basilique St.Sernin in Toulouse. I'm getting dreamy. Each year we would spend three months in and around Toulouse. I miss it so.

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Take notice! All ye prying dresser-drawer inspectors!

I am not writing for QUIZZES and NANZES...I am writing for myself.

You go, Nan!

Love these finds, but can't wait to see what you find in France