Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lookout for a License

So, I got this idea the other night for a piece of art work and it means I hope to acquire a new collection:  bike license plates.

  Bike platesI've been thinking about these little things all day and night and  I started to remember how cool those little license plates were, hanging off the back of my banana seat bike.  I thought how crazy it was that we ever got rid of them.

Then I found out how crazy collecting license plates can be.  And I don't use the word 'crazy' lightly.  I use it with the highest respect, collector to collector.  I want to come across a huge box at the flea market one of these days soon and scoop the whole thing up, but tonight, I just went looking for an image of a little bike plate...

I found this:

Wisconsin bicycle license plate run

Oregon State Riders



WINNIPEG, MANITOBA 1974-75-76-77 BICYCLE plates


S, I guess I'm not the only one with a little collection in mind... but I'm keeping my eyes out for 'em...

gads, they might not be so easy to find after all.

(Bike plate photos attributed to flickr accounts.  Scroll over the photo and you'll see the title and flickr author)


Sylvie said...

I'll keep my eyes out for you.

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Junior Pedal Pusher Skilled Rider is my favorite - it says so much!

This is going to be a crazy fun collection!

Bluebird Shop said...

I have about 20 of the CA black and yellow ones with truly great names. They are all yours as I'm cleaning out closets and trying to let go of the old shop treasures! I'd love them to find a home with you.

Bluebird Shop said...

PS... I actually found mine in an enormous chest at the most brokedown fabulous thrift/antique shop you can find in Eureka, CA. There were hundreds. Maybe even thousands.