Thursday, June 24, 2010

Truck on up to Truckee

I'm always ready for a little down-home fun. And, this summer, my sister Lisa is serving it up at Truckee Thursdays.  She's bringing her right-hand man, her daughter S., to work the room and help her have a smooth selling experience, of course.

During the majority of the year, my sis and her family are flying down the slopes of Tahoe. Then, they spend the summer on their bikes, rollerblades, or in a local pool.  But this summer, for the first time, Lisa has signed up to do Truckee Thursdays.

I love that the talent pool of my family is fairly endless.  Just when one of them thinks up a new idea for a business, they get it out there into the world.  Lisa has been sewing for years and has recently been getting into these beautiful fabrics and creating these awesome bags.  I recently sported Stella in one of them...
Her talent blows me away.
She rocks the sewing machine like it's a third arm.

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