Tuesday, June 8, 2010

might COULD be right

When something comes to my attention, I'm a pretty big 'well, yeah, i think it could be this or it could be that...' or  'it might be that, but it might be this...'  kinda person.  Especially when I'm not an expert on the topic.  (I'm an expert on very few to almost no topics)  It's not a wishy-washy stance, it's a giving-room-to-the-possibility-of-the-unknown stance.

And yet, I seem to know a number of  people lately that are 'absolutely sure that it's this, NOT that' or 'for definitely, it's gotta be that and not this' or that 'Things can only happen this way'.  But how do you know?! I want to cry out.  You, too, are not an expert on this topic.  You only know the tiny bit of information given and you are declaring an absolute!

Once this definitive statement is laid down, I find there's no longer room for any more discussion and it pretty much closes the whole thing down.  I feel like saying, 'work with me on this one, we may come up with just the right answer for everyone here.'

Or, maybe, to each his own relative freakout and leave it at that.

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