Thursday, January 21, 2010

doubt has never looked so sweet.  so innocent.  so rendering of something beautiful, rather than something scary.

i have lots and lots of stories, ideas, thoughts
half written, sorta begun,
pretty much thought through,
and they all sit, waiting in draft, wondering where i am.

i lament this 'wasted' time and wonder what's holding me back.
i read other people's nuggets of knowledge, funny stories,
or wondrous adventures
and think how inspiring it is to read.
i then feel inspired to write, so where does it go?

i don't know what it is but every time i sit down to write, i let something distract me,
take me away, lead me astray.

it could be a good book, a phone call that has to be made,
a letter that has to be written.
tonight, it's the continuation of Twin Peaks.
RK and i have rented the entire first season.

i do plan to overcome this  doubt
get back to blogging as usual and
stop worrying about it already.
but, when?


christina said...

oh that's just lovely. and soon i hope!


Marion Williams-Bennett said...

when you are ready, you'll come back.

I had this, too, this doubt. It was heavy. For the new year, I just decided that whatever I did, whatever I wrote or didn't write, it would be perfect. Just perfect. I didn't need to it to be just like this or meet a certain thing or have a message. Just would be perfect as it was.

I know whatever you write will be perfect, too. It always has been.

So come back when you are ready. After twin peaks, of course.