Friday, January 15, 2010

ah, but to dream...


Dallas Clayton has created a "very awesome world".  
He wrote it for his son.  And while I think it's perfect for my 1st graders, it was great to read as a 'can I really achieve all I dream about' adult.

I love day dreaming.  I love thinking that something just might happen, but it could totally not happen, too.  It's everything, always, on the edge.

I'm working on this with all different situations.  I figure, people that walk into every situation thinking they know the outcome, well, they're usually of the the-world-vs-me-attitude & that's rough to get through life with.  I know because I've tried it.  But, with day dreaming, you never have to walk into a situation with that dread of, 'ohman, i know how this is gonna go!'  Maybe it'll go one way, maybe it'll go the other.

It's why the sleep-kind-of-dreaming is soooooo much fun:  Flying, talking to animals, riding rollercoasters through new york city... whatever your thing.   RK and I often wake up saying to each other, 'man, my dreams were realistic/trippy/intense/weird/wild.'  And, depending on the ability to do it any justice in an early morning explanation (or just moving it on into your day dreaming) will decide if we say anymore.

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Maggie May said...

i've been having MAGNITUDE SEVEN dreams lately like WAKE UP MAGGIE kind of dreams

and these images are wonderful, i love love this kind of loopy lined artwork