Monday, December 7, 2009

Theatre of Dreams

I visited my friends, Wendy & Marcia recently and was in photo op heaven.
Wendy owns a shop called Theatre of Dreams.  It's only open about five times a year.  She's open this month, in fact, for one more weekend only.  Wendy lives in a tiny, tiny town of 200 people called Port Costa.  It's like a little studio set.  I could barely believe it was real.  And she let me shoot away, all at my own leisure.  I stuck around so long, I got that itchy feeling I get sometimes and I asked to be put to work.  No one blinked an eye as I took off my coat, rolled up my sleeves and started to wrap the goods up for people to take home.  Heck, I was even greeting people from across the room as they walked in the door.  It just felt like family.

Wendy gave me the full backstage-pass to just shoot whatever I wanted.  She took me into her studio next door and let me roam around her apartment behind the shop.  Such a juicy home, with a huge garden.  The whole thing took me back in time.  Well, way back in time... as in, way before my time.  I could see the horse and buggy in my mind.  There's so much more to see over on my other little bloggy, First Girl at the Party, where I posted the photos of her apartment.  And then a whole bunch more of Wendy's juicy studio on the good ole Mengsta Flickr site.

What a day, what a day.


cinner said...

Looks like it was filled with treasures. I will have to check out your other blog. Take care and happy holidays to you.

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

What an amazing place! An elephant in a Fez! I see you in this place!