Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Cheer (up!)

why so sad, mr. utility?
can't you see the red bow behind you?


Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Ah,the perfect holiday metaphor! The sad face while joy is right behind you! Okay, I am turning around, let's see what joy awaits!

Happy holidays to you Molly! Best wishes for a beautiful 2010.


Cynthia said...

boo-hoo, sad Mr. U is adorable.

sean0 said...

ever notice that a sad face has smiles for eyes and vice versa.

Anonymous said...

A Very Happy New Year, Moll & R and, many kisses to you both! OXOXOX,Hol

nicolioso said...

I just adore your work...I am an artist, I make scenes out of photos and paint...might I maybe use some of your lovely photos in my art...or on my blog to perhaps portray or exhibit a specific emotion...or just because I think its awesome?! I will, of course, give you credit and such!