Tuesday, November 10, 2009

reception chilly

Every day at school, we do Calender.
Every day at school, we record the weather.
And every day since school started, we've dropped a little yellow bead into the cup marked "sunny".
And with each yellow bead that's dropped, and each 'yea!' i silently call out, I dread the coming cold.

I can see it each evening, as I walk home from work, the thick marine layer: F-O-G coming over the hills. Nobody does fog like San Francisco does fog. Where once was a clear and warm day, it's suddenly thick and instantly cold.

And I HATE being cold.

And, yet, I have varying degrees of what cold is.

1. top down, heat on
2. down comforter, windows open
3. fuzzy wool hat, big thick sweater, jeans and flip flops

My mom would argue that it's why I should never move back to NYC. She can't understand how I could possibly want to live through another real winter.
NYC winters never bothered me. NYC has winter/cold, but it's so vibrantly hot otherwise that it melts the snow from the ground up.

Maybe if it actually snowed here and became a true winter, I could handle it a bit more. I'm not a big one for rain, rain, rain...and that's a-coming any day now, any day. Cold rain.
Oh, san francisco winter, be kind, be short.

it kills me that i don't remember from where i got this picture. i wrote myself a note that says 'the kate you know', but i've googled that and it ain't from any of those things. dangit!


carolee said...

I love the rain and fog. Love love. Molly, maybe with enough tea I can help you learn to like it.

Anonymous said...

no, no, no...carolee...molly HAS to move to southern california where it's warmer...and to be closer to her family...mom

Bonbon Oiseau said...

i felt the same when i was there. but i was from here, so i attributed it to not knowing anything else about seasons--i thought they got ingrained within you, a standard grade school 4 seasons kind of thing-very east coast-centric. like, in india seasons are really different and involve monsoons and light chilly days and extreme heart. if i were from there, i'd miss that too, i'd guess. you've just proved me wrong--sometimes you just love what you love. i love that you love ny.
(p.s. it's cold and rainy and sucky here--feel better?)

sean0 said...

no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes.