Saturday, June 13, 2009

remember the beautiful mind

We're still in this major overhaul of our apartment. It's been so strange to go through stuff, deciding to keep, toss, donate... at the same time, we're doing it in the digital recesses of our life, as well...and it keeps leading me back to all these photos from the last five years that are in deep storage here in the computer. I find my mind wandering to the same place...keep, toss, donate...

I came across one of my favorite photos-- apple photo booth, you brilliant little piece of technology -- probably about 4 years old.The thing that made it my favorite was the response I got from my friend. After I sent it to him, he wrote back,
'hey, good to hear from you. what's up with the "beautiful mind" area in the background?'

It was my studio.
I'm in a different place now.
I miss it, actually.

Photo No. 11, I guess I'll donate and keep. Settled.


Maggie May said...

i love that photo

spudballoo said...

Oh I love it too, fabulous...and loving the beautiful mind too! I'm going through all my photos at the moment. It's tedious and fascinating all at the same time!