Tuesday, June 16, 2009

perfection in plants

I'm leaving soon.
For the summer, really.

Well, for quite a few weeks, actually.

And, I think I'm going to really miss what our little plant friends decide to do while I'm gone.

Already one, given to us by an old neighbor, has decided, out of the blue, to create these perfect little tubes on the ends of her long branches.

I'm impressed. Well, more than impressed. I'm really blown away at what these creatures do when we're not paying attention. I nearly scared RK to death when I yelled out the other night, "OHMYGOSH! COME LOOK!"

Yeah, I was excited. We've had this little beauty for over a year and she's just slowly plotted along. This is her first blossom, if you will.

And just today I noticed there's something more....there are these little red bulbs coming out of the tubes...I can only imagine what they'll explode into!

Oh, please let it happen while I'm still here...


Christina said...

i would be sad to leave your plants too, they do the most amazing things.

spudballoo said...

Oh oh OH now that IS exciting, what kind of plant wonderfulness is going on here, what are they?!!

I've never had a 'grown up garden' before. What I adore about it is how its always changing...I know that's an obvious statement but until you experience it you just don't appreciate what that means! Flowers I photographed just a few short weeks ago are now gone until next year, replaced by others. I love that!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

what is that sexy thing?
what the....

Ellen Zachos said...

I don't remember seeing this at your apartment! Its common name is lipstick plant (think of a lipstick that you roll out of its tube); it's an Aeschynanthus of some kind.