Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mira y Recuerdo

I was riding the bus this week and just behind the driver, sat another driver riding as a passenger. A little boy got on the bus and was being totally belligerent to his mother (who really was letting herself be walked all over like a doormat). This bus-driver-as-passenger watched this kid, aghast, tearing apart bits and pieces of the bus. When it was time for them to exit the bus, the kid stood adamantly in the door screaming bloody murder for a "libelo" (well, that's what it sounded like to me). The bus driver, very good natured, kept trying to figure out what he wanted--a rubber band? a coin? another ride? what?! He finally held out a transfer/ticket to the kid and the hysterical crying stopped on a dime. Transfer in hand, he happily exited the bus and those of us who'd been waiting it out, well, we were finally on our way.

"man..." said the observer-driver-as-passenger

"I know, man, it's the clientele! When I have to psyche myself up to come to work, it's not because of the job, man, it's the clientele!" said the driver

"Well, sitting back here watching it all, it becomes very's the clientele!" said the driver-passenger

They threw that idea back and forth for awhile longer, much to my amusement. I agree!, I wanted to shout out to them, it's always the clientele!

Everywhere you go, as long as you are very, very observant, you start to realize it's not always the experience itself, but it's the people around you, who you're having that experience with, that makes it what it is.

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Kaari Marie said...

i'm just glad you're writing - please write everyday!! I need your daily observance - don't stop!!!!

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