Thursday, March 13, 2008

happily ever after...

It was RK's birthday last week and I wanted to make him something, because there's really nothing I could buy for him that he couln't buy for himself. That makes mass-consumption-goods not quite as exciting. So, I had been given this little metal bike by my friend mike and he told me I absolutely had to make something with it. I knew right away I'd make a box piece for RK.

Bikes play a pretty big part in our relationship.
In NY, I used to ride my bike over to his work on a weekly basis and always felt like an explorer as I set out on my adventures to talk to the boy I crushed on. When we were dating, we'd spend most weekends riding around the city, with no real destination, just the wind blowing through our hair. There's a series of photos, somewhere, that we took of each other while riding. We look so young, so carefree. And when RK came over to my apartment for the first time we made dinner together, he walked into my living room and saw this huge bike painting and he thought he was either being set up by the FBI (we had too many beautiful things in common for it to be real, it seemed) or that he'd just met the woman he was going to marry. Lucky for me, the FBI fear faded quickly, and the marriage wasn't far off.

So, for his birthday this year, I made him this:

it says, "this is a story of a boy and a girl, who fell in love because of a bicycle"
and you turn the scroll to reveal the bike...
you turn the scroll again (it's a two handed kind of thing) and it says, "...and they lived happily ever after"


Christina said...

love this story and i love this piece!

comfies said...

oh my goodness molly. that is just as STUNNING a birthday gift as ever. you are blowing my mind. xo.

my love for you. said...

this is so sweet.
and what a great story, so romantic.