Friday, May 25, 2012

A Most Sentimental Posting

I posted this ad on craigslist today, we'll see what happens...

A most sentimental piano must go.  This piano made it's way to SF all the way from the big apple, NYC.  It's first owner was a musician that lived upstairs from me in our old apartment building on Carmine Street.  He loved it but couldn't take it with him when he moved.  So, he sold it to his subletters for $25:  A super sweet couple with a little boy, who loved trilling those keys, eventually moved out from our old building and they knew they had to pass on the piano.  A good friend, who lived across the hall from me, and two flights down from this couple, took the piano for $25 and the job of moving it downstairs.  He was a musician and loved this piano, often rousing the building with a good tune that floated thru the stairwell.  Eventually, this neighbor and friend, filled up his little studio with a number of other life necessities and had to let the piano go.  My sister jumped at the chance to get a piano for her little girl she was sure would play it night and day.  So, my good friend and neighbor moved it onto the landing between our two apartments, to wait for the pick up.  And there it sat.  For months and months.  Not unused, no, no... the multiple talented fingers that played those keys, oh my!  Anyone that came thru the building in those days, anyone with an ounce of ability, sat down at that piano bench and played a tune.  The old boyfriend, long gone now, of an upstairs neighbor, used to spend hours out there on the landing, playing big, beautiful songs.  One holiday season, my sister was very sick, and my family came to visit, we had a big dinner in my pre-war apartment kitchen, we left my front door open and he played and played, entertaining everyone who came by.  Eventually, Joe, the super of our building, came to us and said the piano had to move.  My sister didn't think she'd get around to moving the piano, so I took it in.  My neighbor and good friend helped me move it into my apartment, I found the perfect little wall for it to lean up against and it started it's next phase of life.  I fell in love with a boy who loved to play.  I would spend dreamy afternoons watching him make up songs, knowing just a tiny bit of that tune would leak under our front door, to anyone who happened past.  He tried to teach me chopsticks.  I showed off, playing the only two songs I know.  And he kept playing and playing because he knew I loved it so.
When it came time to leave NYC and move to SF, we debated moving the heaviest thing we owned... and found we didn't want to part with it.  So, the movers came, wrapped it in a blanket, and carried it out of the only building it had known for over 15 years.  It found a new life here in SF.  New players came thru to tickle the ivories and it's been a good instrument all along.
But, it's time.  We've got to move on and so does this faithful piano. 
A perfect piece for someone that loves to play, or wants their little one to learn. 
So much history, so much love has gone into this little upright, now it belongs to you....

We wanted to ask $25 to keep up the passing of the guard, but are happy to let it go for free.  The catch is that you must figure out how to move it out.  We're up two flights of stairs and it's a heavy beast.  Do-able, but heavy.  Because it's a stand up, all the weight is in the back end.  It's definitely seen a lot of days of wear and tear, so it's a piece to be loved and cared for.  Keys are most likely out of tune, though it has been tuned since we moved here, that was a few years ago.

24.5" deep
56 3/16" wide
with original bench


Ledeaux said...

Oooh, if I lived anywhere near, I'd take you up on this! We had an old piano at our last house and we both miss having one around. Hope it goes to a good home.

Anonymous said...

I have an apartment grand that was my brother's! He gifted it to me the Christmas before he died! It to has seen many lives, and is an elephant to move! I love that your sweet piano is going to a good home!

Julie B.