Sunday, January 8, 2012

Art of Craft? oui

I have the sweet opportunity of being one of a small group of exceptionally talented artists and teachers that have been invited to teach a class during a fabulous weekend held at French General in Los Angeles, called The Art of Craft

It's the 2nd annual Art of Craft weekend and the last one proved to be a craft-a-thon like none other.  I know, this time around, we're out for more of the same goodness, french-ness, craftiness, camaraderie, creativity, and out-and-out fun. 
I'll be leading the Pocket-Memory Book class:  A non-binding book made with everyday envelopes and tons of great vintage materials.

The great thing about all the classes I've taught over the years, is seeing the students "fear" of creativity at the beginning of the class turn into no-holds-barred creativity by the end!  So many of us think we're creative-less and it's just not true!  It's marvelous to watch people come up with their own ideas, inspired by the original or inspired by the person they're sitting next to or by the materials provided (each class during the weekend comes with a kit to create your craft).  Head over to French General's website and sign up for classes by Pam Garrison, Charlotte Lyons, Michelle Jorgensen, Kaari Meng, Anna Corba and moi!  It may just be the beginning of your future of crafting and creating and community. It's a wonderful weekend that shouldn't be missed!


Rose Brier Studio said...

Yes, do sign up! This is an amazing weekend! And it does really inspire and facilitate all sorts of creativity. So glad I got to participate last year.

Your class project looks wonderful Molly. Have lots of fun with it!

Jo Ann said...

any possibility you will have any kits left over to sell.