Wednesday, April 20, 2011

science is whatever we want it to be

I've fallen in love.
With a TV show.

I've fallen in love with
very. few. shows.
over the years.

Arrested Development

And now,
30 Rock.

Funny thing is, it wasn't love at first watch.
Maybe I couldn't just jump right in?:  I did not understand the Tracy Jordan character.  I couldn't really understand any of the relationships.  I didn't get the funny, the irony, the constant bits.
But, this is to say, if you don't understand something at first, try, try again.
Or, go back to the beginning and start at season one.
The writing is fantabulous.
And sometimes I only get the joke when it's all over and I laugh and laugh and laugh.
FANtabulous, I say!

And having just been privy to the first few pages of BossyPants, I now have an even bigger crush on Tiny Fey.


acute angle said...

I love love lovelovelove LOVE Tina Fey and 30 Rock! I must say that the earlier seasons were better for me. I'm not sure I can get into this season. It feels like they're trying really hard to be 30 Rock if you know what I mean? It's like... cool it... relax... YOU ARE 30 Rock! Stop trying so hard!

I need to check out her book!

Molly said...

I know! How utterly superfantastic is that show?
I love Tina (to bitzzzz), but I also love how Alec Baldwin spent the first half (three quarters?) of his career doing such crap roles(do you remember his tiny cameo as the boyfriend of Julia Roberts in Notting Hill?) and has now just become The Man. The MAN.
I also think he's dead sexy now.
I want to go there.

golriz said...

i also am a long standing member of the tina fey fanclub.

ps. bossypants is brilliant.