Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Art of Craft

It's been a great weekend so far at the ole French General.  I don't know many people that get to work with their family and friends, have a great laugh together and get to create at the same time.  I'm friggin lucky that way. 

It seems like both yesterday and eons ago that Kaari and I ran an out-of-the-way, open when we're open, closed when we're closed, packed to the rafters with good old stuff, little shop on Crosby Street in NY.  

Now, here we are, years later, in some out-of-the-way, big ole space, only open on Monday's, juicy old stuff packed to the rafters, with visiting artists teaching beautiful crafts on the edge of LA.  

Tomorrow I teach my class on turning an old book into a little velvet-lined box.  Of course, each person will take it as they see it and turn it into something only they could create.  I love that part.  I love that no one feels the need to do exactly as they're told, but take their creative vibe and run with it.  And, in true family fashion, my sister will teach the second half of the class, and the ladies will walk away with a pair of earrings, as well.  
How wild that we get to live this life.


comfies said...

hmmmm, yes. i love your life!!!!!!!

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

You have the coolest family!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I see my coveted little book on top! Loved making that book box, loved making earrings and the rest of the wonderful projects that the fabulous teachers put together for French General! I especially loved chatting with the family telling and hearing stories, and knoshing like there was no tomorrow! You do have the coolest family! I'm definitely coming back...

Julie B.

Rose Brier Studio said...

It's possible that weekend changed my entire creative direction.

Nice to be back on the web. I've missed it. I once read a SciFi series where the punishment for crimes was to take away a person's access to the internet - a powerful motive for obeying the law!