Sunday, March 8, 2009


i have a hard time doing habitual things that are "good for you".
when i was young, it was straight up: brushing my teeth. I loathed it.
now it's things like exercise, flossing, eating veggies instead of doritos, drinking lots of water, getting to bed early.
so, i was surprised when i recently saw my dentist and he told me he wanted to give me a crown!
i envisioned wearing it: THIS thing, i would be habitual about! this, i would wear every day and strut around proudly and maybe it would even inspire me to do the other "good for you" habits i should be doing.
yes, i told him, this was the right thing to honor me with, this would be good for me.
then, i realized, he meant the other kind of crown.

that's okay though: i'm going for solid gold, like dr. teeth and my friends and family can call me "Queen".

oh, yeah, this is gonna work out juuuuust fine.


billy girl said...

But Mol, you're already so regal! Hot damn, though, you would look so smokin' with a golden grill, screw one tooth! And, um, does this mean that the tooth fairy will pay, literally pay, you a visit? Or is the crown gift enough? xosar

Anonymous said...

I am SO laughing!!!!!!!!!
With compassion, I've 5 in the tooth, only one for the head! If only I could have it the other way around! Phiffel! And blessings, you are a Queen to me!
Ox, Hol

Domino Bianchi said...

Just go for all your teeth in gold. And you can get them engraved too.

Karafina said...


i kinda want a gold crown for my tooth! thats pretty gangster!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

jajajajajajajajajjaa (that's hahahahahaha in espaƱol)'re gonna look hot with a crown...really.