Friday, September 26, 2008

no time to wait

So, John McCain wants to postpone not only the Presidential debate, but the VP debate, as well.

I totally understand. When I would have to take a test in school that I hadn't studied for, I would fake sick and then get to postpone the taking of the test. Don't underestimate that pair, that McCain and Palin, they know what they're doing.

Some days though, I do wish we could just call back in our favorite 'substitute teacher': Bill Clinton. Given the opportunity to share his wisdom, he says we should have taken all that money given out for (bad) house loans and put it into renewable energy. I'm glad he's finally on Obama's side.
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Let's make this election sing with beauty AND brains!


P said...

These are amazing - I want the last one!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

love these posters and the spirit mol! yes yes yes to making this election sing !
(but i have to say i'm disappointed in old Bill...he doesn't seem to be on Obama's side at all this week, he's been out there practically priaising mccain/palin ...hmmmm...oh politics--how you make my stomach ache.

Christina said...

oh those posters are great.