Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Weather you do or Weather you don't

I'm not one of those people who think it's weird to talk about weather. In fact, I LOVE talking about the weather. I love noticing the clouds and how much colder it is today than it was yesterday. I love chatting with strangers about what they think it'll be like tomorrow when today's weather was such a surprise.

Weather 'round here, in these San Francisco parts, has been downright weird. In the first few days of November, it was 75 degrees. We were sweatin' and I, for one, was lovin' it! Now, here we are at the 7th day of November and it's frigging COLD! My little fingers are chilled to the bone. And when I walked out of work today, my co-worker and I talked about the weather. It looked like a storm could come thru any minute... It hasn't yet, but there's nothing saying it won't either.

(I went to this amazing Wainwright concert at the Hollywood Bowl in September and this isn't the only, but the best so far, video evidence I've seen of it--but you should know I was bawling like a baby during Martha's rendition of this. Also, funny, cuz this guy was sitting just a few seats in front of us. I don't think this video will do it justice, but know that it was beautiful...Turn it waaaay up loud!)


Arkay said...

Who was the guy in the background opening the bag of chips?

Molly de Vries said...

Shit man, that makes me crazy!! beautiful in a deep tear my heart out kind of way, ya!! I like it that way.shivvaaas in my neck!

Ellen said...

She's got a great voice, Moll, but I can only listen with my eyes closed. Those facial and hand gestures make me nuts! Distracting and a little fake-y I gotta say.