Monday, September 3, 2007

You Knew Me When

I can see, as you get older, why the people that have known you longer than others become more and more important. You've done the work--you've revealed a shitload. Can a "new person" really understand all that makes up you? It's less about conceit, as this may begin to sound, but more about self-awareness. How much more you can take.

This very thought occurred to me as a friend mentioned going to therapy and then having her therapist take two months off for the summer. Yeah, that sucks--but it's not a reason to get a new therapist--no way. That sucks, sure, but not as much as it would suck to have to reveal yourself, expose your neuroses from the beginning to a "new person"!

I totally get it. Old friends are really, really important. They allow you to be yourself without any ifs, ands, or butts. They can shelter you from the storm or throw you out to soak up some of the rain and thunder 'cuz they know it's the best thing for you. Or they don't purport to know what's best for you, and sometimes that's whats best. And your criteria for what is an "old friend" may differ from mine. I feel lucky to be able to stretch the definition of "old friend" to just a few years ago, but a connection that expands beyond our calender.

Sounds a bit new-agey, I suppose.

Both images (as well as an entire website full of her amazing art) from this incredible artist Eveline Tarunadjaja.


comfies said...

i'm in love with this artist, thank you again for sharin, m.

old friends, new friends - friends are good. xo.

Christina said...

agreed- love the images.. and sometimes new friends can quickly feel like old ones! xo

billy girl said...

simply beautiful Mol, breath paused, big sighs. xoxo sar

meighan said...

i like this thought process quite a bit. old friends are so good. and then you meet those special peeps every now & then that just fit.

this artist is great by the by.